A World Class Road Course

The Wolf Creek Autobahn’s 5.61-mile road course, and ¾ mile kart track has been designed by the world class track design team, Motorsports Consulting Services. They have designed major road courses in the USA, including the Genoa Motor Sports Country Club which is recognized as one of the finest tracks in North America.

illustrated map of Wolf Creek Autobahn road course

The road course will take drivers on a world class designed course through the many features of Wolf Creek Autobahn’s 470-acre complex. Located adjacent to the course is a skid pad to test various aspects of a car’s handling.

The course will include dual straightaways where drivers can exercise their cars to the max. Without stop signs, speed limits or fear of speeding tickets, drivers can experience the full capabilities of their vehicles.

Wolf Creek Autobahn will have on site at all times, qualified instructors to teach drivers of all ages and capabilities road handling skills. We will also have driving simulators enabling members and their guests to test their driving skills on some of America’s most challenging road courses.

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The road course is designed with multiple courses, so that more than one on-course event can happen at the same time. The 1.17-mile segment takes drivers around a pond with a geyser like fountain and past many of the Autobahn Villas. The 1.71-mile option is a challenging track where cars will navigate past the club house and the event area where there will be bands, barbecue and other entertainment on the big stage. For drivers looking to go flat out, the 3.51-mile option that runs north and south features two lanes, one being a passing lane. Surrounding the event area is the 1.16-mile segment which will bring an authentic road course atmosphere to both the drivers and those attending the event.

On the South end of the complex is a world class .8-mile Kart Track and RV park.